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🎡 Music FunTime: Unlocking the World of Music for Your Child! 🎢

We are thrilled to introduce Music FunTime, a weekly 30-minute class dedicated to music learning and discovery! As a leading provider of musical education, we're excited to bring this renowned preschool and young child music program to our community.

Program Overview:

Music FunTime offers an exceptional and time-tested approach to early childhood music education for children aged 18 months to 7 years. Our comprehensive curriculum blends music theory, rhythm, note values, and practical application through engaging activities like playing rhythm instruments, keyboard, singing along, music appreciation, and movement.

Unlocking Learning through Music:

Studies have shown that a child's understanding of rhythm and cadence positively correlates with mathematical proficiency. Through Music FunTime, children not only learn about music but also grasp fundamental mathematical concepts, making learning more accessible and enjoyable. It's more than just music education; it's about fostering a deeper understanding of larger concepts and applying them in various aspects of life.

Preparing for a Lifetime of Musical Possibilities:

Our program sets the stage for a lifelong journey with music. Children gain a solid foundation in reading music, making them more confident when considering musical pursuits such as learning an instrument, joining a band, orchestra, or choir. We believe in exponentially enhancing their ability to learn and succeed in various areas.

The Role of Music in Education:

In today's educational landscape, creativity often takes a backseat due to standardized testing and a focus on core curricula. Music FunTime enriches a child's educational development, fostering social and creative learning skills crucial for future success in diverse learning environments.

Join Us on this Melodic Adventure:

Enroll your child in Music FunTime this January and open up a world of possibilities! Give them the gift of musicβ€”an invaluable asset that enhances their educational journey and enriches their lives.

At San Jose School of Music, our aim is to cultivate well-rounded, creative, and innovative thinkers. Music FunTime graduates not only excel academically but also continue to cherish music as a significant part of their lives.

Rate:  $29 per weekly 30-minute class

Enrollment is month to month

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