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Learn, Play, & Smile! In our classes, children explore complex musical concepts through age-appropriate songs, and rhymes. Our First Steps in Music and Conversational Solfege programs use the curriculum created by Dr. John M. Feierabend, Director of The Center of Music and Movement in The Early Years. Our goal is to enhance each child’s natural aptitude for music with rich experiences that nourish his or her musical intelligence, and to develop a lifelong love for music. Our music classes are a wonderful way to grow, play, and smile with your child. We encourage parents to participate both in class and at home. We hope your family will benefit from our unique programs.

First Steps in Music: Infant & Toddler

Classes begin with five to ten minutes of free-play time for parents and children to explore instruments. Next we roll into gentle bounces, wiggles, tickles, tapping, dancing, and lullabies. We encourage parents to feel at home, play with their babies, and interact with other families. These activities are an important investment in your child’s musical development. The goal of this level is to evoke the child’s response. (Birth through 36 Months)

First Steps in Music: Nursery & Preschool

We designed this class to promote independent singing and playing. After after the same 10-minute instrument exploration time as the previous classes, the goal of this level is to nurture the musical intelligence of each child by providing opportunities to explore concepts through a variety of sounds, instruments and recordings. Children and parents experience vocal exploration, echo and call and response songs, movement, and finger-plays. We also echo rhythm and vocal patterns and children create their own simple rhythmic patterns and melodies!

Rates: $44.00 per 30 minute private lesson held once a week.

All Lessons are held once a week, at the same day and time.
There is a one-time registration fee of $35.00 per student.
All fees must be paid by pre-authorized debit or credit cards.
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