“I highly recommend taking lessons from San Jose School of Music . Bradford and his Instructors are highly skilled and patient with students in a variety of instruments including piano, guitar, and voice amongst other instruments.”
Michael S.

“Great for voice lessons! Brad the owner/maneger/piano teachers was very friendly and made the registration process go very swiftly and professionally. He paired me up with a very talented and experienced vocal teacher named Louise. I have only had 2 lessons so far, but I can tell this place is the real deal at a good price!”
Cameron P.

“My Daughter has been a student at SJSM* for a couple of years and she is doing great! She loves her lessons and is always excited to to go. We love coming to SJSM* for lessons and we are very satisfied. the rates are very reasonable too.”
Sonis S.

“I have been learning music at San Jose School of Music* for over a year now. It's been great. I didn't have any musical background prior to taking the lesson. But the teacher was patient and enthusiastic. He would find different ways of explaining things so that I could understand. He was encouraging. The lesson also felt very tailored to my needs and my goals. The teacher is friendly, professional, and skillful. The weekend hours are nice, allowing working professionals like myself to take the lesson.”
Jensen T.

“I’ve been taking lessons here for 9 years and I’ve learned a lot. Everyone here is very kind. This school is where I had my first musical experience and it inspired and helped me learn two other instruments. I’m very glad to be involved in this music community and thankful to the school for that.”
Anna A.

“As a piano student of SJSM* for 10 years, my musical abilities have improved because of the school’s focus on understanding, feeling and hearing the music versus just note learning alone. This musical education in turn has inspired my skill at dance exercise by enhancing my ability to hear musical nuances. Lastly, I apply the musical lessons of methodology and patience to my everyday life.”
Janice W.

“I took piano here for over a year.  Very reasonably priced and worth it.  Bradford (who teaches piano and runs the biz) does a good job of  working with your skill level and the Alfred's course is solid.  I had a background in guitar, but was completely new to piano, and after a year of lessons I do feel as though I have a solid beginner's grasp on the piano, and the additional tutelage definitely allowed me to progress in a way that I would not have been able to if I were just learning out of a book.  So I highly recommend this school to anyone looking to learn some piano.  The school also has teachers of voice, guitar, bass, trumpet, violin, etc.  Good school & good folks!”
Kevin C.

“Having taken several piano lessons earlier in life, I've accumulated different habits: some good, some really bad!  So I stroll into Bradford's office in this Willow Glen neighborhood one day asking if he could help me freshen up these magic fingers.  We fly through a couple lesson books and breeze through several pages of one until we find my special place. It turns out that I could use more lessons to reach Mozart's level.

The school also offers guitar and voice lessons.  I think they also offer brass and wind instruction.  The piano teacher, Bradford, is extremely patient and way too talented to be a teacher (the man can play!).  He'll go over technique and theory, but does it in a fashion that even someone with ADD can cope.  I haven't met any of the other teachers, but none of the other students I've met have had any complaints.  Instruction can be done on a weekly basis for half an hour or for a full hour, and tuition is paid monthly.  From experience, I recommend taking the half hour sessions not only because it's cheaper, but to save frustration.  Besides, the most important factor in playing an instrument anyway is ultimately having the discipline to practice.”
Wella A.

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